SecondSaturday, Mothers & Sons


Mission statement: S/S provides a monthly opportunity for moms and boys to serve the community together in a meaningful way that is consistent yet flexible.

How do we communicate ?




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My son and I would like to join this organization and start volunteering at one of the next events. Are we able to do that?

We have a spring membership drive every year in March. This is the only opportunity for new families to join Second Saturday and the time when returning families renew membership. By subscribing to our newsletter or liking our Facebook page you will be well informed as to when our membership drive will be taking place and how to jump in.

What are the responsibilities of the moms/boys participating?

Second Saturday is designed so that moms and boys serve together. The expectation would be that each family would make an effort to participate as often as schedules permit, with the assumption that you will resign due to lack of participation in any given year.

Is there any way my son can volunteer without me?

Although this is not ideal, it is possible for another mom to occasionally take one other non-family member with her.

Are siblings welcome?

It is best that other arrangements are made for siblings each month.

What do the moms and boys wear when they volunteer?

Each mom and boy is expected to dress casually and appropriately for the event in his or her Second Saturday logo shirt.

What are some of the non-profits we serve and what do we do?

Mid-Cities Care Corp-

*Spring/fall yard cleanup for seniors in need

*Christmas gift delivery and holiday visits

*Both AM/PM events

(Senior Isolation)

Weekend supplemental food bagging at FUMC, Grapevine

*Stuffing bags and packing tubs for GCISD delivery

*AM event

(Food insecurity in the community)

Union Gospel Mission

*BINGO birthday party for male residents

*PM event

**Participation requires a donation toward the event, not exceeding $10

**No cameras


GRACE Feed Our Kids

*Partnership with NCL Colleyville Area Chapter

*Two summer weeks

*Mid-day event over lunch

*Volunteer form required

(Food insecurity in the community)

GRACE Garden

*Prep, planting, weeding, harvesting

*AM event

*Volunteer form required

(Community garden)

GRACE Donation Station / Graceful Buys / Food Pantry

*Maybe AM or PM event

*Volunteer from required

(Non-profit support, community donation, food insecurity)

Canine Soulmates

*Maybe AM or PM event

*Tasks vary according to non-profit needs

(Comfort pets, walk pets)

November –Primary all membership events benefitting GRACE and Mid Cities Care Corp

(plus 2 birthday parties)

December –Primary all membership event with Christmas gathering and deliveries

(plus 2 birthday parties)

Other non-profits Miracle League of Southlake, Special Olympics, La Dora Nursing Home, GRACE, Amy's Wish With Wings, Tarrant Area Food Bank, Race for the Rescue, and others!

Additional non-profits may be added as needed. Your suggestions are welcome for future consideration.

What are the time requirements?

Each month there will be multiple 2-3 hour events on the second Saturday. There are no other meetings or commitments unless a mom serves in a leadership role.

Are Dad s included in our events?

Our primary thrust is a partnership between moms and boy.

Do we volunteer on any other day besides the second Saturday?

No, with one exception being Feed Our Kids. There may be occasions when non-profits contact us for help outside of our designated day to volunteer. These opportunities will be shared with the membership on Facebook, but all arrangements are made individually and directly to the non-profit.

How do we sign up for an event?

On the first of the month an event link using Volunteer Spot is sent to the membership. This permits you to sign up for the events that interest you during the time you are available.

How are the volunteer numbers established?

The numbers come from the non-profit based on the tasks to be completed or from S/S based on past experiences and needs of the event. Events sign up by the family with a memo with the number of family members.

What if we need to delete our participation?

Members are expected to commit to an event when signing up. We understand there may be extenuating circumstances that are unavoidable. Please be courteous and thoughtful when you sign up. Be aware that the organization for that event is expecting us to show up with the promised number of volunteers. If it is necessary to delete your name you are able to edit the sign up on Volunteer Spot.

Offering our members flexibility is important, however, it is also very helpful if this is done as far in advance as possible to ensure events are completed well without putting a burden on the volunteers serving that day. It is preferred that you sign up when you are confident of your schedule as opposed to taking a spot from another mom/boy who are free.

What if an event is cancelled due to weather etc.?

Unfortunately, in the event that it is cancelled it is most likely you will lose the hours and need to wait until the next month. In rare instances you may be able to transfer to another event space permitting.

Are there specific leadership opportunities for boys?

There will not be any specific leadership roles for boys at our events.

Does S/S need funds throughout the year/ how are those funds raised?

Yes, there are many events that require us to bring supplies to make the event successful. Additionally there are some items we take to our events simply with the intent of bringing joy to those we serve. Our funds have come solely through our dues and logo wear sales in the first 4 years. While Second Saturday does have some ongoing expenses and spends a nominal amount of money at various events, fundraising is not a significant priority for our moms and boys.

What is the estimated financial responsibility this year?

Logo shirt …$15 per shirt

Dues….$25 per family

December event…$20 per boy towards Christmas Providers & Senior gifts.

Birthday parties require a donation that benefits the celebration. (Prizes or books)

Other nominal opportunities that arise are at the discretion of each family.