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Interest Form

Please consider serving with us.  

This is an interest form only, not a commitment.

You can accept or decline decline position offered.

In most cases, the commitment is minimal, but impactful.

We need a few good people to run our organization well.

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Position Descriptions

Board Members

*Meet quarterly or as needed  (4-6 times a year max)*

President - Oversees the organization & board, plans & facilitates quarterly board meeting and communicates with Newsletter Chair.  

VP of Administration - Creates and manages the monthly Volunteer Spot sign up and related emails. Signs electronic volunteer forms, Creates an annual volunteer report.

VP of Events - Coordinates with philanthropies, event chairs and VP of Administration to create and manage monthly events and oversees the event chairs and philanthropies.

VP of Membership - Coordinates annual membership drive and orientation, promotes the organization, educates prospective members and oversees the Orientation Chair & Nominating Committee.

Treasurer - Authorized custodian of Second Saturday Mothers & Sons monies - receives & disburses all monies indicated by the budget, presents a financial report at board meetings and prepares the budget and end of the year reporting as needed.  Oversees the Logo Wear Chair.

Secretary - Documents board meeting minutes and distributes as needed.

Board Member at Large - Attends board member meetings and participates in discussion and decison making.

Chair & Committee Positions

Orientation Chair - Plans and manages the Annual Kick Off Meeting

Social Media - Posts information on social media.

Website/Newsletter Chair - Manages the website & creates the quarterly newsletter.

Nominating Committee (2) - Identifies members to serve in open positions for Second Saturday Mothers & Sons.  2 board members also serve on this committee.

Logo Wear Chair - Orders, sorts and distributes logo wear,

UGM Co-Chair (2) - Manages the monthly Union Gospel Mission event.  Sons can help with planning, shopping, etc.

UGM Summer (1-3) - Lead the event in June, July and/or August. Shop for supplies, bring them to and attend the event.

Holiday Events Chair - Works with committee members to plan and execute the November Food Drive and December Shopping for Seniors events.  Sons help a lot the day of these events.

Holiday Events Committee Members (3) - Assists with holiday events listed above.

Feed Our Kids Chair - Manages FOK event with NCL Colleyville for 2 weeks in the summer.  Sons can help a lot with planning, shopping, delivering & attending. This is a good event for boys who struggle to get hours during the school year.

Feed Our Kids Assistant (2) - Assists the Feed Our Kids Chair

Church on the Slab Chair - Coordinate & manage a monthly meal for a church in Ft. Worth where members are homeless. This event is on the 2nd Sunday of the month.

Church on the Slab Assistant - Assists the Church on the Slab Chair