Leadership Interest Form

Read the leadership descriptions and fill out the Leadership Interest Form below.  

This is not a commitment.  You can accept or decline any position. Not all positions are open.

Please consider serving with us. In most cases, the commitment is minimal but impactful.

Questions? Contact Cheryl Redfearn volunteer@secondsaturdaymothersandsons.com 

Board Members

*Meet quarterly or as needed  (4-6 times a year max)*

President - Oversees the organization & board, plans & facilitates quarterly board meeting and communicates with Newsletter Chair.  

Treasurer - Authorized custodian of Second Saturday Mothers & Sons monies - receives & disburses all monies indicated by the budget, presents a financial report at board meetings and prepares the budget and end of the year reporting as needed.  Oversees the Logo Wear Chair.

Secretary - Documents board meeting minutes and distributes as needed.

VP of Membership - Coordinates annual membership drive and orientation, promotes the organization, educates prospective members and oversees the Orientation Chair & Nominating Committee.

VP of Administration - Creates and manages the monthly Volunteer Spot sign up and related emails. Signs electronic volunteer forms, Creates an annual volunteer report.

VP of Events - Coordinates with philanthropies, event chairs and VP of Administration to create and manage monthly events and oversees the event chairs and philanthropies.

Chair & Committee Positions

Orientation Chair - Plans and manages the Annual Kick Off Meeting

Social Media - Posts information on social media.

Newsletter Chair - Prepares and distributes the quarterly newsletter.

Nominating Committee (2) - Identifies members to serve in open positions for Second Saturday Mothers & Sons.  2 board members also serve on this committee.

Logo Wear Chair - Orders, sorts and distributes logo wear,

UGM Co-Chair (2) - Manages the monthly Union Gospel Mission event.  Sons can help with planning, shopping, etc.

UGM Summer (1-3) - Lead the event in June, July and/or August. Shop for supplies, bring them to and attend the event.

Holiday Events Co-Chair (2) - Works with committee members to plan and execute the November Food Drive and December Shopping for Seniors events.  Sons help a lot the day of these events.

Holiday Events Committee Members (3) - Assists with holiday events listed above.

Feed Our Kids Co-Chair (2) - Manages FOK event with NCL Colleyville for 2 weeks in the summer.  Sons can help a lot with planning, shopping, delivering & attending. This is a good event for boys who struggle to get hours during the school year.